Sewer Hydrojetting with Foaming Root Treatment

A Highly Effective Sewer & Drain Clearing Method

Big John’s Plumbing is the EXCLUSIVE Michigan representative for Hot Jet USA, which makes us the go-to plumber for all of your clogged sewer drain lines.

Roots are a big problem, especially if your home landscaping features mature trees. The average 6 inch clay sewer line usually gets penetrated at a joint by fine hairline roots that mesh together.

Big John’s Plumbing uses 140-degree Fahrenheit water flowing at 10 gallons per minute at 4,000 psi to cut through roots like a warm knife through butter.

The first thing we do when we encounter a clogged drain is to try and establish flow again. Once flow is established, we will send in our video camera so you can see what the problem really is. It may be as simple as cutting the roots, cleaning the drain, and applying a root killer to prevent the roots from just coming right back. If it is a more serious problem, you’ll be able to see it for yourself and have confidence that we are recommending the solution that is right for you.

We are not going to recommend an intensive solution like excavating and replacing your sewer drain unless there is absolutely no alternative.

Cleaning Restaurant Grease Lines

When cleaning grease lines in restaurants and kitchens, we first jet the line with hot water and then apply a Total-C degreaser treatment. This not only helps loosen the grease, it helps kill germs and odors in the pipe. Our high pressure, hot water jetting system will have your grease-clogged lines flowing freely in no time.