Need a New Water Heater?

When it comes to hot water heaters, nobody provides the level of convenient service or lower prices than Big John’s Plumbing.

Our basic installation for a new Rheem 40-gallon gas standard hot water heater with a 6-year warranty on tank and parts and 1 year on  labor is $1,400 and we can usually have it installed in just a few hours. Gas valves, vents, and other non-standard items are extra; but in most cases we will be able to tell you if you need them, and what they would cost before we even come out.

No-Surprise Quotes

Most companies won't quote a project over the phone, they'll give you a ballpark and then when they come out to do the work, you end up paying more than you thought you would.

Our process is different. Just send us four(4) pictures of your current water heater installation:

  • Full length - floor to ceiling
  • View of the venting coming out of the top
  • A photo of the gas shutoff valve
  • A photo showing the vent pipe going into the chimney

We'll give you an accurate quote BEFORE we come out so you won't be surprised by extra charges after the installation.

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Rheem Hot Water Heaters provide a large volume of dependable, low-cost hot water. Fuel sources can be propane, natural gas or electricity. Rheem products are top quality. Installation is included in the prices below. With Big John's Plumbing, you can get a top quality hot water heater professionally installed for one low, no-surprise price.